Things to Consider Before Choosing
a Promotional Products Provider

  1. Become familiar with the reputation and business practices of the provider. Get recommendations and referrals from your peers. Even search the internet for reviews.

  2. Make certain the professional that you are considering has extensive knowledge about the variety of imprinting processes and will help you find or create the types of files that will print best.

  3. Education and training in Corporate Responsibility are good indicators that your consultant is working from a point of professionalism. One designation is Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS). Ask if they are familiar with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. Find out if they have completed training for the Product Safety Aware designation. These things will help you in the long run.

  4. Will the consultant provide alternate options for your marketing program that will bring you a better Return On Investment?

  5. Determine whether the organization is only taking your order. You should look for an expert that cares about your image, your brand, your reputation. Ultimately they will want you to be very successful in your business and will help you find ways to do that.