Writing Instruments: Are They Outdated Marketing Tools?

Even though pens may be used less frequently because of technology advancement, they remain a must-have item in eveyday life. You'll still need them for writing a Christmas card, or for filling out a form, or to sign for a document. So technology has not rendered the pen useless so much as it has simply shifted the pen's primary uses.

According to Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), and even a BBC News article, writing instruments remain the second best-selling promotional product, behind apparel. In fact, PPAI shows that it has come in second place consistently since 1993.

While the technology of tablets and smartphones has exploded, the pen industry did not sit idly by. It stayed on top of the new trends. Now all manner of tech-friendly pens are available, including stylus-tipped offerings that bridge the gap between the old-school and the new. In years to come, even the flip phone with push keys will be obsolete, so a pen with a stylus is a must.

Other types of pens include invisible-ink and check-guardian pens that protect against fraud and identity theft, plus multiple function pens that incorporate L.E.D. flashlights or laser pointers.

And there are pens to fit any budget and promotional program. Did you know that 60% of people still use a pen 6 to 10 times per day? 73% keep a pen with them at all times. And 79% of people use the promotional pen that they received from a business.

The cost can be quite economical. As low as $0.000436 per impression.

Who can use pens? Industries that come to mind include banking, insurance, advertising, retail, educational, medical, restaurant, military, law enforcement, attorneys, corporate, artists and designers, tradesmen. Have I left anyone out? Maybe, but a use can likely be found for those industries as well.