Photograph of Denise                  Our Primary Goal Is To Make You Successful!

Image Marketing Specialists began in 1991 as a desktop publishing company. The desire at that time was to type books, flyers and resumes. No one ever imagined it would grow into an all-encompassing branding business. As one of the only companies in the area that used computer technology to produce documents, we were ahead of the curve. Over time, one request lead to another, and pretty soon we found ourselves putting our creations to good use. Business cards, office stationery, caps, shirts, pencils, mugs, banners, flags, trophies. You name it, we have access to it.

What makes us different? Many words could be used to define Image Marketing, but the 3 that really identify us are Logical, Consistent, and Legal. There are so many ways to get your message out to your customers, but simply slapping any piece of art on a product can cause unintended consequences in the long run. That's why we help you through the process, asking many questions along to the way. Not only do you need to stand out, you need to be easily recognizable because the same custom-created logo and corporate message appears consistently, time after time. And the logo you use needs to belong to you.

In addition to providing branded merchandise and print materials, we have the ability to help our clients make plans. Every business should have a Marketing Plan and a Brand Style Guide. And each year they need to be updated. Over the course of 365 days, there are goals to meet which will cause people to shop with you. Those goals and intentions need to be in writing. And then there are the unexpected opportunities. Have you accounted for those possibilities? Together we can figure this out.

Yes, it might seem easy to jump online and purchase something that grabs your attention. But will that online company really provide all the follow-through that you need? Will they be able to meet your deadlines? Are they equipped to look back at your previous projects and make certain that your brand is represented consistently? Do they care that you are in business next year? Why take that chance?

By choosing a local source, you are supporting a small, USA-based company. We will never offer a solution that is not good for you, nor be deceptive about what can be done. We give 110% to make sure you look your best.

Year after year we are highly involved in training that will benefit you. Our certification of Master Advertising Specialist is held by less than 2% of the companies and consultants who offer promotional products. The training covers marketing techniques, decorating techniques, as well as product safety issues. This is where every portion of Logical, Consistent, and Legal come into play.

The only thing we really care about is YOUR SUCCESS. Honestly, if you aren't successful, how can we be successful?